I am a Professor of sociology at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). My professional background is based in anthropology (MA) and sociology (PhD) from the University of Copenhagen. My research specialization is identities in organizations.  

Besides focusing on identity negotiations in organizations, I am qualified in the research fields of professions, power, gender, risks as well as in the research fields of qualitative methodology and analysis. My latest research project departs in 23 video-recorded placement meetings between social workers, shelter staff and homeless people. Results from this recent study has been published in British Journal of Sociology (2019), Journal of Classical Sociology and in Symbolic Interaction (2020). The project was financed by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. 

I have a broad publication record that includes books, articles and book chapters in English and Danish. Over the years, I have been a columnist for the Danish magazines for psychologists ‘Psykologi Nyt’ and social workers ‘Socialrågiveren’, as well as for the Danish newspapers ‘Information’ and ‘Weekendavisen’. Currently, I am affiliated with ‘Information’ where I review research books on a regular basis. 

My teaching covers a PhD course on Qualitative Analysis (every September) and lecturing for master students attending CBS’s educational programs of cand. merc. psych. and cand. merc. HRM. Finally, I teach at Master in Public Governance (MPG) at CBS, which is a master program for managers in the public sector.