In Denmark, 20,000 people can be categorized as vulnerable clients with very complex problems. The group comprises of people whose existence is characterized by a combination of mental illnesses, substance abuse, chronic illnesses, homelessness and imprisonment. In total, this group costs the state just short of DKK 4 billion a year in social and treatment related efforts, which corresponds to a yearly expense of DKK 200,000 per person.  

Thus, there is good reason to examine how the welfare state encounters the most vulnerable clients, as well as what methods and rationales characterize the efforts. Not least, it is essential to examine how pedagogical, financial and legal systems affect the encounter with the clients and how these frameworks can even hinder an effective effort.  

‘Professionals’ encounter with vulnerable clients’ focuses on the most vulnerable of the Danish society and illuminates an essential area of the Danish welfare state. The book is based on close to 100 interviews with vulnerable clients and professionals that the group is in contact with every day.