‘Qualitative methods in organizational studies’ is a book on methods for students and researchers. The book presents four frequently employed qualitative methods within the field of organization and leadership: Interviews, focus groups, participant observation and document analyses. The methods are presented with a point of departure in examples from central areas within the field organization and leadership, such as HRM, marketing, CSR and management audits.   

‘Qualitative methods in organizational studies’ is written as a textbook and each chapter ends with a number of exercise questions that will be suitable for a class discussion. Furthermore, the methods are presented in relation to three scientific theoretical schools – realism, phenomenology and constructivism – enabling the reader to gain a more in-depth understanding of doing qualitative research.  

Review: Tidsskriftet Dansk Sociologi [Danish journal of sociology], February 2011  

”The book of Lise Justesen and Nanna Mik-Meyer on qualitative methods in the field of organization and leadership is a great book to have handy. […] Lise Justesen and Nanna Mik-Meyer have put ample effort in – and succeed in – mentioning and explaining a vast amount of the essential concepts of both the theoretical schools and the literature on methodology. […] We are dealing with a great book on qualitative methods that reaches its target group well and covers quite a lot of areas on the relatively few pages. The book is nonetheless best if you are interested in the three theoretical schools the book is dealing with and want to be inspired concerning the use/the consequences of these in a qualitative, empirical context.  


The book has been published in nine editions.